Murray F. Coleman

and Kathleen J. Steil




Thomas F. Coleman
May 1, 2016








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Face Page - cover

Dedication - Page i

Coleman - Steil History and Heritage - Page ii

Table of Contents - Page iii

Research Methodology:

The Process of Gathering Information - Page 1

Meeting Other Family Historians - Page 4

Researching Family History at the Detroit Public Library - Page 5

Murray Coleman and Kathleen Steil:

Profile of Murray F. Coleman and Kathleen J. Steil - Page 6

Murray F. Coleman Photos - Page 7

Eulogy of Murray by Michael Murray Coleman - Page 8

Kathleen Steil Photos - Page 9

Sharing Memories of Grandma Kay - Page 10

Funeral Remarks About Kathleen Coleman by Thomas F. Coleman - Page 11

Biological Family Lines of Murray and Kay - Page 12

Life at 3128 N. Blair (Royal Oak) - Page13

Family Reunion 2000 Photo of Kay Coleman and her 9 Children - Page 14

The Grandchildren Photos of Family Reunions in 1992 and 2000 - Page 15

More Information on Biological Relatives of Murray and Kay - Page 16

Murray Coleman's Side of the Family:

Scottish and Canadian Heritage Photos - Page 17

Profile of Arthur Roy Coleman - Page 18

Notes on Arthur Roy Coleman - Page 19

Ancestor Tree of Arthur Roy Coleman - Page 20

Profile of Margaret Paterson - Page 22

Ancestor Tree of Margaret Paterson - Page 23

Eulogy of Margaret Finney by Thomas F. Coleman - Page24

Margaret Paterson Finney and her Grandson Larry (Photo) - Page 25

Margaret Paterson and her Daughter-in-Law Kay Coleman - Page 26

Kathleen Steil's Side of the Family:

Profile of Frank W. Steil - Page 27

Ancestor Tree of Frank W. Steil - Page 28

A Bottle of Wine, Not a Mug of Beer - Page 29

Our Steil Great Grandparents Now Have a Grave Marker - Page 30

Remembering Aunt Marie - Page 31

Descendants of George Peter Steil and Katherine Ackels - Page 32

Profile of Catherine J. Lukaschewski - Page 33

Ancestor Tree of Catherine J. Lukaschewski - Page 34

Polish Icing on a German Cake - Page 35

Frank Steil and Catherine Lukaschewski Photos - Page 36

Family History Tour:

The Family History Tour Was a Success - Page 37

Coleman - Westfall Genealogy:

Calvert Coleman and Sarah Westfall Family Ancestry Booklet Cover - Page 44

Greetings to the Coleman Family - Page 45

The Surname Coleman - Page 46

Profile of Calvert Coleman - Page 47

Calvert Coleman Story - Page 48

Newspaper Obituary Notice for Calvert Coleman - Page 49

Profile of Sarah Westfall - Page 50

Sarah Westfall Story - Page 51

Newspaper Obituary Notice of Sarah Westfall - Page 52

Relationship of Sarah Westfall to Nicholas Jurian Westphalen - Page 53

Descendant Chart of Calvert Coleman and Sarah Westfall - Page 54

Profile of William Henry Coleman - Page 56

Profile of Jennie Coleman Freer - Page 57

Betty Lorraine Basler:

Eulogy of Betty Lorraine Basler - Page 58

Betty and Kay at Family Reunion 2000 - Page 62


My Family's Ancestry: 7/8 Immigrant, 1/8 American - Page 63

The Impact of a Teenager - Page 64

Dangerous Transatlantic Travel: The Immigration of Fanny and Rudolph - Page 65

From Lukaschewski to Lucas: The Americanization of a Polish Family- Page 66

DNA Information:

Ancient Paternal Ancestors of Calvert Coleman - Page 68

Report: Paternal Lineage Test Results for Thomas F. Coleman - Page 69

Map: Ancient Maternal Migration from Africa to East Europe - Page 76

Report: Maternal Lineage Results for Thomas F. Coleman - Page 77

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