Family Ancestry Book

Reviews and Comments


Years of Research

Tom has done an incredible job preparing this book for the Coleman/Steil family.  I have seen him over the course of several years spending endless hours at his desk doing the research to gather information as far back as he could.  Every once in a while he would call me over to show me what he found.  His excitement was contagious.

Every time Tom thought he was done -- NOT!  He would find something else. 

This book is the result of his passion to educate future generations about the ancestors of the Coleman and Steil families.  Tom is truly a great historian for the immediate family of Murray Coleman and Kathleen Steil and for the all members of the Coleman and Steil extended families.

Michael A. Vasquez

Evolution of Our Family

The book is very complete and should give one a very good idea of where we came from. It not only honors our parents on their anniversary -- it also opens up our minds to the many ways our family tree evolved. If just one relationship did not occur the outcome would be very different! Thanks Tom.

Diane Coleman Rogers

Answers to Our Questions

When Tom Coleman gets involved in a project he never does it mediocre. He goes ALL THE WAY!

It’s amazing to see the finished product--Family Ancestry: Murray F. Coleman and Kathleen J. Steil. For many years it has been very interesting watching the pieces come together as Tom has discovered the history of immigration, family secrets, DNA, finding other family members and so much more. I know we all had so many questions about our roots and now our questions have been answered.  

One of the perks of Tom’s research was that it brought the family together on many occasions. My favorite was our mother Kay’s 80th birthday. All of us “kids”, Mom and Aunt Betty piled in a van and spent several hours visiting Coleman/Steil historical sites. Between the laughter and the tears it was one of the best days of my life!

So kudos to you Tom Coleman. Now please pass the gravy….

Carolyn Skalnek

Appreciation by Extended Family

Dear Tom,

Your Coleman-Steil Family History is fantastic! You have put your heart and soul into celebrating your parents' lives and given all of us a chance to know them. The photos you have added, and the biographies you have written add an extra pleasure in reading this book. So proud of you for doing this, not only for your family, but for all of us who are related to you. 


Clarice and Bob Coleman
Second Cousins

Family Member by Choice

Dear Tom,

I have reviewed several of the many sections of your book, dedicated to preserving the memory of your parents and their lineage, as well as younger generations.  Your introduction, and the presentation of the book is amazing to read, and your love for your family…the hundreds of them there must be…is palpable to the reader.  

I congratulate you on the completion of many many hundreds of hours of research on the computer, going to Salt Lake City and doing more research there, interviewing family members and traveling many miles to do so.  Honoring your family members by collecting and documenting their lives, experiences, memories and photographs is a monumental task. You made navigation of the many sections easy. And, you have honored several of your ancestors by making sure there are markers or headstones where they have been buried.  

Your family is very lucky to have you as its historian, and the gift of this book will certainly be treasured by current and future family members.

With love and gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your journey,

Nora J. Baladerian
Family member by choice not blood.

Thank you Tom for the amazing job with the Family Ancestry book.  I think you have a new career!  The "family whisperer."

Maryann Matykowski

Very impressive Tom.  Quite a wonderful research project.  Thanks for your time and effort for future generations to enjoy.  What do you do with your spare time!!!!!

Gary Coleman