Michael A. Vasquez and
Thomas F. Coleman


Thomas F. Coleman was born in Michigan in 1948. He is the second oldest of nine children born to Murray F. Coleman and Kathleen J. Steil.  The history of his parents and ancestors is found in a book he published in 2016 titled Family History.  An autobiography of his life from birth to 1971 is chronicled in a book published in 2016 titled Growing Up in Ferndale: A Baby Boomer's Memories of Life in Mid-Century Suburban Detroit.


Coleman received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wayne State University in 1970.  He attended his initial year of law school at Detroit College of Law where he ranked first in his class.  He then transferred to Loyola University School of Law in Los Angeles where he graduated with honors in 1973. Coleman has been practicing law ever since.


Coleman and his spouse, Michael A. Vasquez, met in 1980.  They exchanged vows in a marriage ceremony on a ship in international waters on October 17, 1981.  Their marriage was affirmed in a legally recognized ceremony in California on October 18, 2008.  Tom and Michael live in Palm Springs.